Sleep is one of the most important things we do. During sleep, our bodies are working to support healthy brain function and maintain our physical health. As a parent, we often go long periods of time without deep, restorative rest and the impacts can be detrimental on our emotional and mental health. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation is a key factor in postpartum anxiety and depression.

What can be done? When you’re ready….we're here to help!

Mountain Mamas has an affordable option for mamas in need of a quiet, cozy space to recover from too many nights of broken sleep.

  • If you are pregnant and your older children are keeping you from getting the rest you need, come and have a night of reprieve away from all of the chaos.
  • If you’re a nursing mama, store enough pumped milk for one night and have your partner take the night feeds for just one night while you try to recover.
  • If your infant is sleeping enough, but your older child is waking you through the night, bring your infant with you and enjoy a peaceful evening without disturbances.
  • Or maybe your children are older and you just need a break from mothering for a night or two?!  

Whatever your circumstance is, The Motherhood Sanctuary is available for any mama in need of a night's reprieve. 

About the suite:

Our stunning, 2nd floor guest house is high up in the tree tops and has a private balcony offering crisp mountain views. The suite is bright and colourful with lots of windows and natural light. Our gas fireplace will keep you cozy on cool nights.

The suite has one bedroom with a brand new queen sized bed and double windows with a lovely view of trees and mountains. Wake up to the sun rising over the mountains! The spacious living area is open concept with a brand new sectional couch, gas fireplace, 48” tv and dedicated workspace facing the mountains.

Other features include: a four-piece bathroom with soaker tub, a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances (fridge, oven and dishwasher), a kitchen island for dining and in-suite washer and dryer.

The Motherhood Sanctuary is located in a quiet cul de sac and tucked away from neighbours with tall cedar trees bordering the property, ensuring privacy for both sides.

Suggested Donation: $80 - $100/night

The Motherhood Sanctuary is available by sliding scale -  based on what you can afford - to ensure mamas who really need this reprieve can have access to it.

Enjoy the reprieve of a quiet night in your own private space...

The Motherhood Sanctuary

Do you need a peaceful night's sleep in your own private space?

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