Blessingway Ceremonies

A blessingway is a beautiful alternative to the traditional baby shower where close friends and family members gather in circle to support, empower and celebrate a woman on her journey towards becoming a mother.

It includes a sacred ceremony that honours the woman’s rite of passage into motherhood, showering her with love, wisdom and mindful gifts that will support her during her pregnancy and labour as well as during the fourth trimester when baby arrives.

Since the beginning of time, women would gather together to empower and support one another as they stepped into the role of bearing and raising children. This rite of passage was deeply ingrained and passed down from culture to culture, generation after generation from women to women.

A blessingway is all about nurturing and connecting heart to heart with the mother. Filling her cup so it overflows with love and confidence as she awaits the impending birth of her baby.

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Blessingway Packages
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  • Ceremony, Celebration Coordination & Hosting